Group Operations

If a client’s solution is not available “off-the-shelf”, the company will use its vast experience to develop an appropriate, customised solution to meet the clients’ needs.  We strive to recognise the customer as an individual, taking an innovative approach to system development and becoming totally flexible to customers’ needs. This approach coupled with a culture and structure dedicated to providing superior service based on quality, continuity and value as well as using the best technology available, is central to our business.

“Impartial advice on the most appropriate solutions”

We ensure our clients receive maximum efficiency from their equipment by thorough training in its use and supplying only reliable equipment from reputable manufacturers, to reduce the possibility of failure in the field. All equipment is installed by our own maintenance division which also provides wide area maintenance and technical services.

Tetra Mobile Radio provides two-way radio communications using the latest technology available.

Tetra-PTT specialises in country-wide and international two-way radio communications.

Wandata provides data services to connect wide area networks as well as internet services.

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