About i-Telecom

i-Telecom is one of the largest independent and privately owned communications companies in South Africa, first commencing operations in 1983 and now standing as a multi-million Rand business providing services across the entire communications spectrum. The Head Office in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, controls the operations of the group’s operations both nationally and internationally. I-Telecom has a number of subsidiaries each specialising in its own communications and technology field. Fiercely loyal and dedicated staff are the key to the success of this customer oriented group.

The company is committed is to excellence, integrity and professionalism, the growth and development of all its operations. We strive to generate wealth and technical expertise to benefit both our people and the country.

What We Do

i-Telecom specialises in telecommunications and technology infrastructure aimed at suiting the needs which arise in the various sectors in which we work. The company currently holds contracts with numerous government and corporate clients, many of whom are listed on the Johannesburg as well as on International Stock Exchanges. These include transport departments, critical infrastructure providers, oil and off-shore infrastructure, construction and security operations to name a few.

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