Mission Statment

We will provide communication networks and products for the benefit of our clients by installing and distributing quality radio communications equipment with top quality service and backup.

This provides a secure, challenging and rewarding employment environment with benefits and prospects for all our employees.

Our mission is to generate wealth and technical expertise to benefit both our people and country.

Company Profile


i-Telecom is one of the largest independent and privately owned communications companies in South Africa.

i-Telecom has a number of subsidiaries each specialising in its own communications field.

The Head Office in Pietermaritzburg controls the operations of the group’s branches and outlets nationally.

Customer satisfaction is one of the prime motivating factors for i-Telecom’s success, growing from its humble beginnings in 1983 to a multi-million rand business providing services across the entire communications spectrum.

Fiercely loyal and dedicated staff are the key to the success of this customer oriented group.

Company Ethic

i-Telecom is committed to excellence, integrity and professionalism, the growth and development of all its operations. People are our most important asset and we expect them to share the group’s values, in a manner to which demonstrates:

  • Respect for one another
  • Honesty and integrity in dealings, not only with one another, but with all the group’s clients
  • Confidentiality and discretion in the use of information and proprietary of the group
  • Exercise of their judgement in the best interests of the group 
  • Adherence to all the laws and regulations determining the group’s legal and moral obligations

Priniciples and Objectives

i-Telecom’s objective which makes it the leader in the communications industry, is to increase the wealth of its owners, staff and clients.
i-Telecom’s guiding principles are:

  • To recognise the customer as an individual
  • To maintain an enterprising and innovative approach to system development
  • To be totally flexible to customers’ needs
  • To establish a culture and structure dedicated to providing superior service based on quality, continuity and value
  • To enhance customer relationships by using personal service combined with the best product technology available.
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